Periodically performs the tensorflow op in body.

The body tensorflow op will be executed every period times the periodically op is executed. More specifically, with n the number of times the op has been executed, the body will be executed when n is a non zero positive multiple of period (i.e. there exist an integer k > 0 such that k * period == n).

If period is None, it will not perform any op and will return a tf.no_op().

If period is 1, it will just execute the body, and not create any counters or conditionals.

body callable that returns the tensorflow op to be performed every time an internal counter is divisible by the period. The op must have no output (for example, a
period inverse frequency with which to perform the op.
name name of the variable_scope.

TypeError if body is not a callable.

An op that periodically performs the specified op.