Module: tfa.text

Additional text-processing ops.


crf module


class CRFModelWrapper: A model grouping layers into an object with training/inference features.

class CrfDecodeForwardRnnCell: Computes the forward decoding in a linear-chain CRF.


crf_binary_score(...): Computes the binary scores of tag sequences.

crf_constrained_decode(...): Decode the highest scoring sequence of tags under constraints.

crf_decode(...): Decode the highest scoring sequence of tags.

crf_decode_backward(...): Computes backward decoding in a linear-chain CRF.

crf_decode_forward(...): Computes forward decoding in a linear-chain CRF.

crf_filtered_inputs(...): Constrains the inputs to filter out certain tags at each time step.

crf_forward(...): Computes the alpha values in a linear-chain CRF.

crf_log_likelihood(...): Computes the log-likelihood of tag sequences in a CRF.

crf_log_norm(...): Computes the normalization for a CRF.

crf_multitag_sequence_score(...): Computes the unnormalized score of all tag sequences matching tag_bitmap.

crf_sequence_score(...): Computes the unnormalized score for a tag sequence.

crf_unary_score(...): Computes the unary scores of tag sequences.

parse_time(...): Parse an input string according to the provided format string into a Unix time.

skip_gram_sample(...): Generates skip-gram token and label paired Tensors from the input tensor.

skip_gram_sample_with_text_vocab(...): Skip-gram sampling with a text vocabulary file.

viterbi_decode(...): Decode the highest scoring sequence of tags outside of TensorFlow.