Module: tf_agents.agents

Module importing all agents.


behavioral_cloning module: A Behavioral Cloning agent.

categorical_dqn module: A Categorical DQN (C51) agent.

cql module: A CQL-SAC agent.

data_converter module: Agent Converter API and converters.

ddpg module: A Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient (DDPG) agent and its networks.

dqn module: A DQN (Deep Q Network) agent.

ppo module: PPO Agents.

reinforce module: A REINFORCE agent.

sac module: A Soft Actor Critic agent.

td3 module: Twin Delayed Deep Deterministic policy gradient (TD3) agent.

tf_agent module: TensorFlow RL Agent API.


class BehavioralCloningAgent: A Behavioral Cloning agent.

class CategoricalDqnAgent: A Categorical DQN Agent based on the DQN Agent.

class CqlSacAgent: A CQL-SAC Agent based on the SAC Agent.

class DdpgAgent: A DDPG Agent.

class DqnAgent: A DQN Agent.

class PPOAgent: A PPO Agent.

class PPOClipAgent: A PPO Agent implementing the clipped probability ratios.

class PPOKLPenaltyAgent: A PPO Agent implementing the KL penalty loss.

class ReinforceAgent: A REINFORCE Agent.

class SacAgent: A SAC Agent.

class TFAgent: Abstract base class for TF-based RL and Bandits agents.

class Td3Agent: A TD3 Agent.