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Fetches a tfds.core.DatasetBuilder by string name.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

name str, the registered name of the DatasetBuilder (the class name as camel or snake case: MyDataset or my_dataset). This can be either 'dataset_name' or 'dataset_name/config_name' for datasets with BuilderConfigs. As a convenience, this string may contain comma-separated keyword arguments for the builder. For example 'foo_bar/a=True,b=3' would use the FooBar dataset passing the keyword arguments a=True and b=3 (for builders with configs, it would be 'foo_bar/zoo/a=True,b=3' to use the 'zoo' config and pass to the builder keyword arguments a=True and b=3).
try_gcs bool, if True, tfds.load will see if the dataset exists on the public GCS bucket before building it locally.
**builder_kwargs dict of keyword arguments passed to the tfds.core.DatasetBuilder.

A tfds.core.DatasetBuilder.

DatasetNotFoundError if name is unrecognized.