Module: tfds.core

API to define datasets.


class BeamBasedBuilder: Beam based Builder.

class BeamMetadataDict: A tfds.core.Metadata object supporting Beam-generated datasets.

class BuilderConfig: Base class for DatasetBuilder data configuration.

class DatasetBuilder: Abstract base class for all datasets.

class DatasetInfo: Information about a dataset.

class Experiment: Experiments which can be enabled/disabled on a per version basis.

class GeneratorBasedBuilder: Base class for datasets with data generation based on dict generators.

class Metadata: Abstract base class for DatasetInfo metadata container.

class MetadataDict: A tfds.core.Metadata object that acts as a dict.

class ReadInstruction: Reading instruction for a dataset.

class SplitDict: Split info object.

class SplitGenerator: Defines the split information for the generator.

class SplitInfo: Wraps proto.SplitInfo with an additional property.

class Version: Dataset version MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.

class lazy_imports: Lazy importer for heavy dependencies.


add_data_dir(...): Registers a new default data_dir to search for datasets.

benchmark(...): Benchmarks a

builder_from_directory(...): Loads a tfds.core.DatasetBuilder from the given generated dataset path.

gcs_path(...): Returns the GCS URI path.

get_tfds_path(...): Returns absolute path to file given path relative to tfds root.