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Module: tfds.testing

Defined in testing/

Testing utilities.


class DatasetBuilderTestCase: Inherit this class to test your DatasetBuilder class.

class DummyDatasetSharedGenerator: Test DatasetBuilder.

class DummyMnist: Test DatasetBuilder.

class FeatureExpectationItem: Test item of a FeatureExpectation.

class FeatureExpectationsTestCase: Tests FeatureExpectations with full encode-decode.

class TestCase: Base TestCase to be used for all tests.


run_in_graph_and_eager_modes(...): Execute the decorated test in both graph mode and eager mode.

test_main(...): Entrypoint for tests.

tmp_dir(...): Context manager for a temporary directory.

make_tmp_dir(...): Make a temporary directory.

rm_tmp_dir(...): Rm temporary directory.