Module: tfds.features

tfds.features.FeatureConnector API defining feature types.

Defined in core/features/


text module: Text utilities.


class Audio: FeatureConnector for audio, encoded as raw integer wave form.

class BBox: BBox(ymin, xmin, ymax, xmax)

class BBoxFeature: FeatureConnector for a normalized bounding box.

class ClassLabel: FeatureConnector for integer class labels.

class FeatureConnector: Abstract base class for feature types.

class FeaturesDict: Composite FeatureConnector; each feature in dict has its own connector.

class Tensor: FeatureConnector for generic data of arbitrary shape and type.

class TensorInfo: TensorInfo(shape, dtype)

class Sequence: Similar to tfds.featuresSequenceDict, but only contains a single feature.

class SequenceDict: Composite FeatureConnector for a dict where each value is a list.

class Image: FeatureConnector for images.

class Text: FeatureConnector for text, encoding to integers with a TextEncoder.

class Video: FeatureConnector for videos, encoding frames individually on disk.