Represents a value that is persisted via a file-based backing store.

The value must be JSON-serializable. Each time the value is updated, it will be written to the backing file. It is only read from the file at initialization.

initial_value The initial value to use if no backing file exists or was given. This must be a JSON-serializable value (possibly nested combination of lists, dicts, and primitive values).
filename The path to use for persistent storage of the value. This may be None, in which case the value is not stable across preemptions.
write_value If True, new values will be written to filename on calls to write(). If False, filename is only read once to restore any persisted value, and new values will not be written to it. This can be useful in certain multi-client settings to avoid race conditions or excessive file writes. If filename is None, this parameter has no effect.



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Returns the value.


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Writes the value, updating the backing store if one was provided.