Performs ROIAlign for the second stage processing.

crop_size An int of the output size of the cropped features.
sample_offset A float in [0, 1] of the subpixel sample offset.
**kwargs Additional keyword arguments passed to Layer.



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Generates ROIs.

features A dictionary with key as pyramid level and value as features. The features are in shape of [batch_size, height_l, width_l, num_filters].
boxes A 3-D tf.Tensor of shape [batch_size, num_boxes, 4]. Each row represents a box with [y1, x1, y2, x2] in un-normalized coordinates. from grid point.
training A bool of whether it is in training mode.

A 5-D tf.Tensor representing feature crop of shape [batch_size, num_boxes, crop_size, crop_size, num_filters].