Module: orbit.utils

Defines exported symbols for the orbit.utils package.


class EpochHelper: A helper class handle bookkeeping of epochs in custom training loops.

class LoopFnWithSummaries: Implements a two-program approach for optimizing summaries on TPU.

class OptionalSummariesFunction: Wrapper that provides versions of a function with and without summaries.

class SummaryManager: A utility class for managing summary writing.

class SummaryManagerInterface: A utility interface for managing summary writing.


create_global_step(...): Creates a tf.Variable suitable for use as a global step counter.

create_loop_fn(...): Creates a loop function driven by a Python while loop.

create_tf_while_loop_fn(...): Creates a loop function compatible with TF's AutoGraph loop conversion.

get_value(...): Returns input values, converting any TensorFlow values to NumPy values.

make_distributed_dataset(...): A utility function to help create a tf.distribute.DistributedDataset.