BERT pretraining model V2.

Adds the masked language model head and optional classification heads upon the transformer encoder.

encoder_network A transformer network. This network should output a sequence output and a classification output.
mlm_activation The activation (if any) to use in the masked LM network. If None, no activation will be used.
mlm_initializer The initializer (if any) to use in the masked LM. Default to a Glorot uniform initializer.
classification_heads A list of optional head layers to transform on encoder sequence outputs.
customized_masked_lm A customized masked_lm layer. If None, will create a standard layer from layers.MaskedLM; if not None, will use the specified masked_lm layer. Above arguments mlm_activation and mlm_initializer will be ignored.
name The name of the model.

Inputs: Inputs defined by the encoder network, plus masked_lm_positions as a dictionary. Outputs: A dictionary of lm_output, classification head outputs keyed by head names, and also outputs from encoder_network, keyed by sequence_output and encoder_outputs (if any).

checkpoint_items Returns a dictionary of items to be additionally checkpointed.



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Calls the model on new inputs and returns the outputs as tensors.

In this case call() just reapplies all ops in the graph to the new inputs (e.g. build a new computational graph from the provided inputs).

inputs Input tensor, or dict/list/tuple of input tensors.
training Boolean or boolean scalar tensor, indicating whether to run the Network in training mode or inference mode.
mask A mask or list of masks. A mask can be either a boolean tensor or None (no mask). For more details, check the guide here.

A tensor if there is a single output, or a list of tensors if there are more than one outputs.