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Learning rate schedule with multiplied by linear decay at the end.

The schedule has the following behavoir. Let offset_step = step - offset.

1) offset_step < 0, the actual learning rate equals initial_learning_rate. 2) offset_step <= total_decay_steps * (1 - linear_decay_fraction), the actual learning rate equals lr * offset_step^power. 3) total_decay_steps * (1 - linear_decay_fraction) <= offset_step < total_decay_steps, the actual learning rate equals lr * offset_step^power * (total_decay_steps - offset_step) / (total_decay_steps * linear_decay_fraction). 4) offset_step >= total_decay_steps, the actual learning rate equals zero.

initial_learning_rate The initial learning rate.
total_decay_steps The total number of steps for power + linear decay.
power The order of the polynomial.
linear_decay_fraction In the last linear_decay_fraction steps, the learning rate will be multiplied by a linear decay.
offset The offset applied to steps.
name Optional, name of learning rate schedule.



Instantiates a LearningRateSchedule from its config.

config Output of get_config().

A LearningRateSchedule instance.


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Get the configuration of the learning rate schedule.


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Call self as a function.