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Class to compute similarity based on Intersection over Union (IOU) metric.



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Compute pairwise IOU similarity between ground truth boxes and anchors.

B: batch_size N: Number of groundtruth boxes. M: Number of anchor boxes.

boxes_1 a float Tensor with M or B * M boxes.
boxes_2 a float Tensor with N or B * N boxes, the rank must be less than or equal to rank of boxes_1.
boxes_1_masks a boolean Tensor with M or B * M boxes. Optional.
boxes_2_masks a boolean Tensor with N or B * N boxes. Optional.

A Tensor with shape [M, N] or [B, M, N] representing pairwise iou scores, anchor per row and groundtruth_box per colulmn.

Input shape
boxes_1 [N, 4], or [B, N, 4]
boxes_2 [M, 4], or [B, M, 4]
boxes_1_masks [N, 1], or [B, N, 1]
boxes_2_masks [M, 1], or [B, M, 1]

Output shape
[M, N], or [B, M, N]