Module: tfc.layers

Layers, based on tf.keras.layers.Layer.


class GDN: Generalized divisive normalization layer.

class GDNParameter: Nonnegative parameterization as needed for GDN parameters.

class IdentityInitializer: Initialize to the identity kernel with the given shape.

class Parameter: Reparameterized Layer variable.

class RDFTParameter: RDFT reparameterization of a convolution kernel.

class SignalConv1D: 1D convolution layer.

class SignalConv2D: 2D convolution layer.

class SignalConv3D: 3D convolution layer.

class SoftRound: Applies a differentiable approximation of rounding.

class SoftRoundConditionalMean: Conditional mean of inputs given noisy soft rounded values.