Encodes the strings into an IBLT data structure.

Inherits From: IbltEncoder

value_shape Shape of the values.
*args See IbltEncoder.
**kwargs See IbltEncoder.



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Returns Tensor containing integer chunks for input strings.

input_strings A tensor of strings.

A 2D tensor with rows consisting of integer chunks corresponding to the string indexed by the row and a trimmed input_strings that can fit in the IBLT.


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Returns Tensor containing the values of the IBLT data structure.

input_strings A 1D tensor of strings.
input_values A tensor of shape (num_input_strings, value_shape) containing values for each string.

A tuple of tensors where the first one is of shape [repetitions, table_size, num_chunks+2] whose value at index (r, h, c) corresponds to chunk c of the keys if c < num_chunks, to the counts if c == num_chunks, and to the checks if c == num_chunks + 1. The second one is of shape [repetitions, table_size, product(value_shape)] and contains the tensor values at each key.