Module: tff.framework

Interfaces for extensions, selectively lifted out of impl.


class CachingExecutor: The caching executor only performs caching.

class Context: Represents the interface to the context that the API executes against.

class ContextStack: An interface to a context stack for the API to run against.

class EagerTFExecutor: The eager executor only runs TensorFlow, synchronously, in eager mode.

class ExecutionContext: Represents an execution context backed by an executor_base.Executor.

class Executor: Represents the abstract interface that all executors must implement.

class ExecutorFactory: Interface defining executor factories.

class ExecutorService: A wrapper around a target executor that makes it into a gRPC service.

class ExecutorValue: Represents the abstract interface for values embedded within executors.

class FederatedComposingStrategy: A strategy for composing federated types and intrinsics in disjoint scopes.

class FederatedResolvingStrategy: A strategy for resolving federated types and intrinsics.

class FederatingExecutor: An executor for handling federated types and intrinsics.

class FederatingStrategy: The abstract interface federating strategies must implement.

class ReferenceResolvingExecutor: The lambda executor handles lambda expressions and related abstractions.

class RemoteExecutor: The remote executor is a local proxy for a remote executor instance.

class SizeInfo: Structure for size information from SizingExecutorFactory.get_size_info().

class SizingExecutorFactory: A executor factory holding an executor per cardinality.

class TFParser: Callable taking subset of TFF AST constructs to CompiledComputations.

class ThreadDelegatingExecutor: The concurrent executor delegates work to a separate thread.

class TransformingExecutor: This executor transforms computations prior to executing them.


create_executor_factory(...): Create an ExecutorFactory for a given executor stack function.

deserialize_computation(...): Deserializes 'tff.Computation' as a pb.Computation.

deserialize_type(...): Deserializes 'type_proto' as a computation_types.Type.

get_context_stack(...): Returns the context stack.

local_executor_factory(...): Constructs an executor factory to execute computations locally.

serialize_computation(...): Serializes 'tff.Computation' as a pb.Computation.

serialize_type(...): Serializes 'type_spec' as a pb.Type.

set_default_context(...): Places ctx at the bottom of the stack.

sizing_executor_factory(...): Constructs an executor to execute computations on the local machine with sizing.

type_contains(...): Checks if type_signature contains any types that pass predicate.

type_from_tensors(...): Builds a tff.Type from supplied tensors.

type_to_tf_tensor_specs(...): Returns nested structure of tf.TensorSpecs for a given TFF type.

worker_pool_executor_factory(...): Create an executor backed by a worker pool.