Trains and tunes a federated model using Vizier.

study The Vizier study to use to to tune train_model_program_logic.
total_trials The number of Vizier trials.
num_parallel_trials The number of Vizier trials to be evaluated in parallel. Default is 1.
update_hparams A tff.Computation to use to update the models hparams using a trials parameters.
train_model_program_logic The program logic to use for training and evaluating the model.
train_process_factory A factory for creating tff.learning.templates.LearningProcess to run for training.
train_data_source A tff.program.FederatedDataSource which returns client data used during training.
total_rounds The number of rounds of training.
num_clients The number of clients per round of training.
program_state_manager_factory A factory for creating tff.program.ProgramStateManagers for each trail.
model_output_manager_factory A factory for creating tff.program.ReleaseManagers used to release the model.
train_metrics_manager_factory A factory for creating tff.program.ReleaseManagers used to release training metrics for each trail.
evaluation_manager_factory A factory for creating tff.learning.programs.EvaluationManagers for each trail.
evaluation_periodicity Either a integer number of rounds or datetime.timedelta to await before sending a new training checkpoint to evaluation_manager.start_evaluation.