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Maps a federated value pointwise using a mapping function.

    mapping_fn, value

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

The function mapping_fn is applied separately across the group of devices represented by the placement type of value. For example, if value has placement type tff.CLIENTS, then mapping_fn is applied to each client individually. In particular, this operation does not alter the placement of the federated value.


  • mapping_fn: A mapping function to apply pointwise to member constituents of value. The parameter of this function must be of the same type as the member constituents of value.
  • value: A value of a TFF federated type (or a value that can be implicitly converted into a TFF federated type, e.g., by zipping) placed at tff.CLIENTS or tff.SERVER.


A federated value with the same placement as value that represents the result of mapping_fn on the member constituent of arg.


  • TypeError: If the arguments are not of the appropriate types.