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A tff.program.FederatedDataSourceIterator backed by client ids.

Inherits From: FederatedDataSourceIterator

A tff.program.FederatedDataSourceIterator backed by sequence of client ids, one client id per client. It selects client ids uniformly at random, with replacement over successive calls of select() but without replacement within a single call of select().

client_ids A sequence of client ids to use to yield the ids from this data source.

ValueError If client_ids is empty.

federated_type The type of the data returned by calling select.



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Deserializes the object from bytes.


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Returns a new selection of client ids from this iterator.

num_clients A number of clients to use when selecting data. Must be a positive integer and less than the total number of client_ids.

ValueError If num_clients is not a positive integer or if num_clients is not less than the total number of client_ids.


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Serializes the object to bytes.


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Return self==value.