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Module: tff.test

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Libraries for testing TensorFlow Federated.


assert_contains_secure_aggregation(...): Asserts that comp contains at least one secure aggregation call.

assert_contains_unsecure_aggregation(...): Asserts that comp contains at least one unsecure aggregation call.

assert_not_contains_secure_aggregation(...): Asserts that comp contains no secure aggregation calls.

assert_not_contains_unsecure_aggregation(...): Asserts that comp contains no unsecure aggregation calls.

assert_type_assignable_from(...): Asserts that target_type is assignable from source_type.

assert_types_equivalent(...): Asserts that the types are equivalent.

assert_types_identical(...): Asserts that the types are identical.

create_runtime_error_context(...): Creates a context that will raise an error when computations are invoked.

set_no_default_context(...): Places a RuntimeErrorContext at the bottom of the stack.

with_context(...): Returns a decorator for running a test in a context.

with_contexts(...): Returns a decorator for parameterizing a test by a context.