Module: tfm.nlp.tasks

TensorFlow Models NLP Tasks.


class ElectraPretrainConfig: The model config.

class ElectraPretrainTask: ELECTRA Pretrain Task (Masked LM + Replaced Token Detection).

class MaskedLMConfig: The model config.

class MaskedLMTask: Task object for Mask language modeling.

class QuestionAnsweringConfig: The model config.

class QuestionAnsweringTask: Task object for question answering.

class SentencePredictionConfig: The model config.

class SentencePredictionTask: Task object for sentence_prediction.

class TaggingConfig: The model config.

class TaggingTask: Task object for tagging (e.g., NER or POS).

class TranslationConfig: The translation task config.

class TranslationTask: A single-replica view of training procedure.