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Assert the condition x <= y holds element-wise.

Example of adding a dependency to an operation:

with tf.control_dependencies([tf.compat.v1.assert_less_equal(x, y)]):
  output = tf.reduce_sum(x)

This condition holds if for every pair of (possibly broadcast) elements x[i], y[i], we have x[i] <= y[i]. If both x and y are empty, this is trivially satisfied.

x Numeric Tensor.
y Numeric Tensor, same dtype as and broadcastable to x.
data The tensors to print out if the condition is False. Defaults to error message and first few entries of x, y.
summarize Print this many entries of each tensor.
message A string to prefix to the default message.
name A name for this operation (optional). Defaults to "assert_less_equal"

Op that raises InvalidArgumentError if x <= y is False.