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Reconstructs a signal from a framed representation.

    signal, frame_step, name=None

Adds potentially overlapping frames of a signal with shape [..., frames, frame_length], offsetting subsequent frames by frame_step. The resulting tensor has shape [..., output_size] where

output_size = (frames - 1) * frame_step + frame_length


  • signal: A [..., frames, frame_length] Tensor. All dimensions may be unknown, and rank must be at least 2.
  • frame_step: An integer or scalar Tensor denoting overlap offsets. Must be less than or equal to frame_length.
  • name: An optional name for the operation.


A Tensor with shape [..., output_size] containing the overlap-added frames of signal's inner-most two dimensions.


  • ValueError: If signal's rank is less than 2, or frame_step is not a scalar integer.