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Returns a tensor whose value represents the total loss.

    add_regularization_losses=True, name='total_loss', scope=None

In particular, this adds any losses you have added with tf.add_loss() to any regularization losses that have been added by regularization parameters on layers constructors e.g. tf.layers. Be very sure to use this if you are constructing a loss_op manually. Otherwise regularization arguments on tf.layers methods will not function.


  • add_regularization_losses: A boolean indicating whether or not to use the regularization losses in the sum.
  • name: The name of the returned tensor.
  • scope: An optional scope name for filtering the losses to return. Note that this filters the losses added with tf.add_loss() as well as the regularization losses to that scope.


A Tensor whose value represents the total loss.


  • ValueError: if losses is not iterable.