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Partitioner to allocate minimum size per slice.

    max_partitions=1, axis=0, min_slice_size=(256 << 10),

Returns a partitioner that partitions the variable of given shape and dtype such that each partition has a minimum of min_slice_size slice of the variable. The maximum number of such partitions (upper bound) is given by max_partitions.


  • max_partitions: Upper bound on the number of partitions. Defaults to 1.
  • axis: Axis along which to partition the variable. Defaults to 0.
  • min_slice_size: Minimum size of the variable slice per partition. Defaults to 256K.
  • bytes_per_string_element: If the Variable is of type string, this provides an estimate of how large each scalar in the Variable is.


A partition function usable as the partitioner argument to variable_scope and get_variable.