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Adjust jpeg encoding quality of an RGB image.

    image, jpeg_quality, name=None

This is a convenience method that adjusts jpeg encoding quality of an RGB image.

image is an RGB image. The image's encoding quality is adjusted to jpeg_quality. jpeg_quality must be in the interval [0, 100].


  • image: RGB image or images. Size of the last dimension must be 3.
  • jpeg_quality: Python int or Tensor of type int32. jpeg encoding quality.
  • name: A name for this operation (optional).


Adjusted image(s), same shape and DType as image.

Usage Example:

>> import tensorflow as tf
>> x = tf.random.normal(shape=(256, 256, 3))
>> tf.image.adjust_jpeg_quality(x, 75)


  • InvalidArgumentError: quality must be in [0,100]
  • InvalidArgumentError: image must have 1 or 3 channels