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Class UnitNorm

Constrains the weights incident to each hidden unit to have unit norm.

Inherits From: Constraint


  • Class tf.compat.v1.keras.constraints.UnitNorm
  • Class tf.compat.v1.keras.constraints.unit_norm
  • Class tf.compat.v2.keras.constraints.UnitNorm
  • Class tf.compat.v2.keras.constraints.unit_norm
  • Class tf.keras.constraints.unit_norm


  • axis: integer, axis along which to calculate weight norms. For instance, in a Dense layer the weight matrix has shape (input_dim, output_dim), set axis to 0 to constrain each weight vector of length (input_dim,). In a Conv2D layer with data_format="channels_last", the weight tensor has shape (rows, cols, input_depth, output_depth), set axis to [0, 1, 2] to constrain the weights of each filter tensor of size (rows, cols, input_depth).


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Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.



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Call self as a function.


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