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Computes the theoretical and numeric Jacobian of f.

With y = f(x), computes the theoretical and numeric Jacobian dy/dx.

f the function.
x a list arguments for the function
delta (optional) perturbation used to compute numeric Jacobian.

A pair of lists, where the first is a list of 2-d numpy arrays representing the theoretical Jacobians for each argument, and the second list is the numerical ones. Each 2-d array has "x_size" rows and "y_size" columns where "x_size" is the number of elements in the corresponding argument and "y_size" is the number of elements in f(x).

ValueError If result is empty but the gradient is nonzero.
ValueError If x is not list, but any other type.


def test_func(x):
  return x*x

theoretical, numerical = tf.test.compute_gradient(test_func, [1.0])
theoretical, numerical
# ((array([[2.]], dtype=float32),), (array([[2.000004]], dtype=float32),))