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Contains the results of

    _cls, results, options, run_metadata

In the future we may use this object to add more information about result of run without changing the Hook API.


  • results: The return values from corresponding to the fetches attribute returned in the RunArgs. Note that this has the same shape as the RunArgs fetches. For example: fetches = global_step_tensor => results = nparray(int) fetches = [train_op, summary_op, global_step_tensor] => results = [None, nparray(string), nparray(int)] fetches = {'step': global_step_tensor, 'summ': summary_op} => results = {'step': nparray(int), 'summ': nparray(string)}
  • options: RunOptions from the call.
  • run_metadata: RunMetadata from the call.


  • results
  • options
  • run_metadata