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RNN that accepts a state saver for time-truncated RNN calculation. (deprecated)

cell An instance of RNNCell.
inputs A length T list of inputs, each a Tensor of shape [batch_size, input_size].
state_saver A state saver object with methods state and save_state.
state_name Python string or tuple of strings. The name to use with the state_saver. If the cell returns tuples of states (i.e., cell.state_size is a tuple) then state_name should be a tuple of strings having the same length as cell.state_size. Otherwise it should be a single string.
sequence_length (optional) An int32/int64 vector size [batch_size]. See the documentation for rnn() for more details about sequence_length.
scope VariableScope for the created subgraph; defaults to "rnn".

A pair (outputs, state) where: outputs is a length T list of outputs (one for each input) states is the final state

TypeError If cell is not an instance of RNNCell.
ValueError If inputs is None or an empty list, or if the arity and type of state_name does not match that of cell.state_size.