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Casts a tensor to a different dtype and returns it.

You can cast a Keras variable but it still returns a Keras tensor.

x Keras tensor (or variable).
dtype String, either ('float16', 'float32', or 'float64').

Keras tensor with dtype dtype.


Cast a float32 variable to a float64 tensor

    import tensorflow as tf
    from tensorflow.keras import backend as K
    input = K.ones(shape=(1,3))
    cast_input = K.cast(input, dtype='float64')
        <tf.Variable 'Variable:0' shape=(1, 3) dtype=float32,
             numpy=array([[1., 1., 1.]], dtype=float32)>
        tf.Tensor([[1. 1. 1.]], shape=(1, 3), dtype=float64)