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Initializer that generates tensors with a normal distribution.

Inherits From: random_normal_initializer

mean a python scalar or a scalar tensor. Mean of the random values to generate. Defaults to 0.
stddev a python scalar or a scalar tensor. Standard deviation of the random values to generate. Defaults to 0.05.
seed A Python integer. Used to create random seeds. See tf.compat.v1.set_random_seed for behavior.
dtype The data type. Only floating point types are supported.

RandomNormal instance.



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Instantiates an initializer from a configuration dictionary.


initializer = RandomUniform(-1, 1)
config = initializer.get_config()
initializer = RandomUniform.from_config(config)

config A Python dictionary. It will typically be the output of get_config.

An Initializer instance.


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Returns the configuration of the initializer as a JSON-serializable dict.

A JSON-serializable Python dict.


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Returns a tensor object initialized as specified by the initializer.

shape Shape of the tensor.
dtype Optional dtype of the tensor. If not provided use the initializer dtype.
partition_info Optional information about the possible partitioning of a tensor.