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Returns the element-wise min of two SparseTensors.

    sp_a, sp_b, name=None

Assumes the two SparseTensors have the same shape, i.e., no broadcasting. Example:

sp_zero = sparse_tensor.SparseTensor([[0]], [0], [7])
sp_one = sparse_tensor.SparseTensor([[1]], [1], [7])
res = tf.sparse.minimum(sp_zero, sp_one).eval()
# "res" should be equal to SparseTensor([[0], [1]], [0, 0], [7]).


  • sp_a: a SparseTensor operand whose dtype is real, and indices lexicographically ordered.
  • sp_b: the other SparseTensor operand with the same requirements (and the same shape).
  • name: optional name of the operation.


  • output: the output SparseTensor.