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TensorFlow 1 version

PNG-encode an image.

image is a 3-D uint8 or uint16 Tensor of shape [height, width, channels] where channels is:

  • 1: for grayscale.
  • 2: for grayscale + alpha.
  • 3: for RGB.
  • 4: for RGBA.

The ZLIB compression level, compression, can be -1 for the PNG-encoder default or a value from 0 to 9. 9 is the highest compression level, generating the smallest output, but is slower.

image A Tensor. Must be one of the following types: uint8, uint16. 3-D with shape [height, width, channels].
compression An optional int. Defaults to -1. Compression level.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A Tensor of type string.