Official TFX ImportExampleGen component.

Inherits From: BaseComponent, BaseNode

The ImportExampleGen component takes TFRecord files with TF Example data format, and generates train and eval examples for downstream components. This component provides consistent and configurable partition, and it also shuffle the dataset for ML best practice.

Component outputs contains:

input_base an external directory containing the TFRecord files.
input_config An example_gen_pb2.Input instance, providing input configuration. If unset, the files under input_base will be treated as a single split.
output_config An example_gen_pb2.Output instance, providing output configuration. If unset, default splits will be 'train' and 'eval' with size 2:1.
range_config An optional range_config_pb2.RangeConfig instance, specifying the range of span values to consider. If unset, driver will default to searching for latest span with no restrictions.
payload_format Payload format of input data. Should be one of example_gen_pb2.PayloadFormat enum. Note that payload format of output data is the same as input.

outputs Component's output channel dict.



Add per component Beam pipeline args.

beam_pipeline_args List of Beam pipeline args to be added to the Beam executor spec.

the same component itself.