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Defined in extractors/slice_key_extractor.py.

Creates an extractor for extracting slice keys.

The incoming Extracts must contain a FeaturesPredictionsLabels extract keyed by tfma.FEATURES_PREDICTIONS_LABELS_KEY. Typically this will be obtained by calling the PredictExtractor.

The extractor's PTransform yields a copy of the Extracts input with an additional extract pointing at the list of SliceKeyType values keyed by tfma.SLICE_KEY_TYPES_KEY. If materialize is True then a materialized version of the slice keys will be added under the key tfma.MATERIALZED_SLICE_KEYS_KEY.


  • slice_spec: Optional list of SingleSliceSpec specifying the slices to slice the data into. If None, defaults to the overall slice.
  • materialize: True to add MaterializedColumn entries for the slice keys.


Extractor for slice keys.