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PTransform for performing extraction, evaluation, and writing results.

Users who want to construct their own Beam pipelines instead of using the lightweight run_model_analysis functions should use this PTransform.

Example usage: eval_shared_model = tfma.default_eval_shared_model( eval_saved_model_path=model_location, add_metrics_callbacks=[...]) with beam.Pipeline(runner=...) as p: _ = (p | 'ReadData' >> | 'ExtractEvaluateAndWriteResults' >> tfma.ExtractEvaluateAndWriteResults( eval_shared_model=eval_shared_model, output_path=output_path, display_only_data_location=data_location, slice_spec=slice_spec, ...)) result = tfma.load_eval_result(output_path=output_path) tfma.view.render_slicing_metrics(result)

Note that the exact serialization format is an internal implementation detail and subject to change. Users should only use the TFMA functions to write and read the results.


  • examples: PCollection of input examples. Can be any format the model accepts (e.g. string containing CSV row, TensorFlow.Example, etc).
  • eval_shared_model: Shared model parameters for EvalSavedModel including any additional metrics (see EvalSharedModel for more information on how to configure additional metrics).
  • output_path: Path to output metrics and plots results.
  • display_only_data_location: Optional path indicating where the examples were read from. This is used only for display purposes - data will not actually be read from this path.
  • slice_spec: Optional list of SingleSliceSpec specifying the slices to slice the data into. If None, defaults to the overall slice.
  • desired_batch_size: Optional batch size for batching in Predict and Aggregate.
  • extractors: Optional list of Extractors to apply to Extracts. Typically these will be added by calling the default_extractors function. If no extractors are provided, default_extractors (non-materialized) will be used.
  • evaluators: Optional list of Evaluators for evaluating Extracts. Typically these will be added by calling the default_evaluators function. If no evaluators are provided, default_evaluators will be used.
  • writers: Optional list of Writers for writing Evaluation output. Typically these will be added by calling the default_writers function. If no writers are provided, default_writers will be used.
  • write_config: True to write the config along with the results.
  • num_bootstrap_samples: Optional, set to at least 20 in order to calculate metrics with confidence intervals.


  • ValueError: If matching Extractor not found for an Evaluator.