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This class regularly exports the EvalSavedModel.

In addition to exporting, this class also garbage collects stale exports.

name Directory name.

A directory name under the export base directory where exports of this type are written. Should not be None nor empty.



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Exports the given Estimator to a specific format.

estimator the Estimator to export.
export_path A string containing a directory where to write the export.
checkpoint_path The checkpoint path to export.
eval_result The output of Estimator.evaluate on this checkpoint.
is_the_final_export This boolean is True when this is an export in the end of training. It is False for the intermediate exports during the training. When passing Exporter to tf.estimator.train_and_evaluate is_the_final_export is always False if TrainSpec.max_steps is None.

The string path to the exported directory or None if export is skipped.