TFX DSL file I/O module.


class NotFoundError: Base class for I/O related errors.


copy(...): Copy a file from the source to the destination.

exists(...): Return whether a path exists.

glob(...): Return the paths that match a glob pattern.

isdir(...): Return whether a path is a directory.

listdir(...): Return the list of files in a directory.

makedirs(...): Make a directory at the given path, recursively creating parents.

mkdir(...): Make a directory at the given path; parent directory must exist.

open(...): Open a file at the given path.

remove(...): Remove the file at the given path.

rename(...): Rename a source file to a destination path.

rmtree(...): Remove the given directory and its recursive contents.

stat(...): Return the stat descriptor for a given file path.

walk(...): Return an iterator walking a directory tree.

Type Aliases