Returns the default extractors for use in ExtractAndEvaluate.

eval_shared_model Shared model (single-model evaluation) or list of shared models (multi-model evaluation). Required unless the predictions are provided alongside of the features (i.e. model-agnostic evaluations).
eval_config Eval config.
slice_spec Deprecated (use EvalConfig).
materialize True to have extractors create materialized output.
tensor_adapter_config Tensor adapter config which specifies how to obtain tensors from the Arrow RecordBatch. If None, an attempt will be made to create the tensors using default TensorRepresentations.
custom_predict_extractor Optional custom predict extractor for non-TF models.
config_version Optional config version for this evaluation. This should not be explicitly set by users. It is only intended to be used in cases where the provided eval_config was generated internally, and thus not a reliable indicator of user intent.

NotImplementedError If eval_config contains mixed serving and eval models.