使用以下命令在 TFDS 中加载此数据集:

ds = tfds.load('huggingface:food101')
  • 说明
This dataset consists of 101 food categories, with 101'000 images. For each class, 250 manually reviewed test images are provided as well as 750 training images. On purpose, the training images were not cleaned, and thus still contain some amount of noise. This comes mostly in the form of intense colors and sometimes wrong labels. All images were rescaled to have a maximum side length of 512 pixels.
  • 许可:许可协议 =================

  • Food-101 数据集包含来自 Foodspotting [1] 的图像,这些图像不属于苏黎世联邦理工学院 (ETHZ)。任何超出科学合理使用范围的使用都必须根据 Foodspotting 使用条款 [2] 与各自的图片所有者协商。

[1] [2]

  • 版本:0.0.0
  • 拆分
拆分 样本
'train' 75750
'validation' 25250
  • 特征
    "image": {
        "id": null,
        "_type": "Image"
    "label": {
        "num_classes": 101,
        "names": [
        "names_file": null,
        "id": null,
        "_type": "ClassLabel"