• Description:

Historical phenological data for cherry tree flowering at Kyoto City.

This data was collected from diaries and chronicles dating back to the 9th century. Data from the 9th to the 14th century were collected by Aono and Saito (2010; International Journal of Biometeorology, 54, 211-219), while the 15th to 21st century were collected by Aono and Kazui (2008; International Journal of Climatology, 28, 905-914).

All dates are expressed in the Gregorian calendar.

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  1. year: Year CE (int)
  2. doy: Day of year of first bloom. Day 89 is April 1. Day 119 is May 1. (float)
  3. temp: March temperature estimate (float)
  4. temp_upper: Upper 95% bound for estimate (float)
  5. temp_lower: Lower 95% bound for estimate (float)
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  • Feature structure:
    'doy': float32,
    'temp': float32,
    'temp_lower': float32,
    'temp_upper': float32,
    'year': int32,
  • Feature documentation:
Feature Class Shape Dtype Description
doy Tensor float32
temp Tensor float32
temp_lower Tensor float32
temp_upper Tensor float32
year Tensor int32
  • Citation:
    author = "Aono, Yasuyuki",
    title  = "Historical Series of Phenological data for Cherry Tree Flowering at Kyoto City (and March Mean Temperature Reconstructions)",
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