• Description:

Franka scooping and pouring tasks

Split Examples
  • Feature structure:
    'steps': Dataset({
        'action': FeaturesDict({
            'open_gripper': bool,
            'rotation_delta': Tensor(shape=(3,), dtype=float32),
            'terminate_episode': float32,
            'world_vector': Tensor(shape=(3,), dtype=float32),
        'is_first': bool,
        'is_last': bool,
        'is_terminal': bool,
        'observation': FeaturesDict({
            'image': Image(shape=(480, 640, 3), dtype=uint8),
            'natural_language_embedding': Tensor(shape=(512,), dtype=float32),
            'natural_language_instruction': string,
            'state': Tensor(shape=(7,), dtype=float32),
        'reward': Scalar(shape=(), dtype=float32),
  • Feature documentation:
Feature Class Shape Dtype Description
steps Dataset
steps/action FeaturesDict
steps/action/open_gripper Tensor bool
steps/action/rotation_delta Tensor (3,) float32
steps/action/terminate_episode Tensor float32
steps/action/world_vector Tensor (3,) float32
steps/is_first Tensor bool
steps/is_last Tensor bool
steps/is_terminal Tensor bool
steps/observation FeaturesDict
steps/observation/image Image (480, 640, 3) uint8
steps/observation/natural_language_embedding Tensor (512,) float32
steps/observation/natural_language_instruction Tensor string
steps/observation/state Tensor (7,) float32 numpy array of shape (7,). Contains the robot joint states (as absolute joint angles) at each timestep
steps/reward Scalar float32
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