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使用以下命令在 TFDS 中加载此数据集:

ds = tfds.load('huggingface:giga_fren/en-fr')
  • 说明
Giga-word corpus for French-English from WMT2010 collected by Chris Callison-Burch
2 languages, total number of files: 452
total number of tokens: 1.43G
total number of sentence fragments: 47.55M
  • 许可:无已知许可
  • 版本:2.0.0
  • 拆分
拆分 样本
'train' 22519904
  • 特征
    "id": {
        "dtype": "string",
        "id": null,
        "_type": "Value"
    "translation": {
        "languages": [
        "id": null,
        "_type": "Translation"