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Computes softmax activations. (deprecated arguments)

    logits, axis=None, name=None, dim=None

This function performs the equivalent of

softmax = tf.exp(logits) / tf.reduce_sum(tf.exp(logits), axis)


Example usage:

tf.nn.softmax([-1, 0., 1.])


  • logits: A non-empty Tensor, or an object whose type has a registered Tensor conversion function. Must be one of the following types: half,float32, float64. See also convert_to_tensor
  • axis: The dimension softmax would be performed on. The default is -1 which indicates the last dimension.
  • name: A name for the operation (optional).
  • dim: Deprecated alias for axis.


A Tensor. Has the same type and shape as logits.


  • InvalidArgumentError: if logits is empty or axis is beyond the last dimension of logits.
  • TypeError: If no conversion function is registered for logits to Tensor.
  • RuntimeError: If a registered conversion function returns an invalid value.