Update 'ref' by adding 'value' to it.

    ref, value, use_locking=False, name=None

This operation outputs "ref" after the update is done. This makes it easier to chain operations that need to use the reset value.


  • ref: A mutable Tensor. Must be one of the following types: float32, float64, int32, uint8, int16, int8, complex64, int64, qint8, quint8, qint32, bfloat16, uint16, complex128, half, uint32, uint64. Should be from a Variable node.
  • value: A Tensor. Must have the same type as ref. The value to be added to the variable.
  • use_locking: An optional bool. Defaults to False. If True, the addition will be protected by a lock; otherwise the behavior is undefined, but may exhibit less contention.
  • name: A name for the operation (optional).


A mutable Tensor. Has the same type as ref.