V2 format specific: merges the metadata files of sharded checkpoints. The

    checkpoint_prefixes, destination_prefix, delete_old_dirs=True, name=None

result is one logical checkpoint, with one physical metadata file and renamed data files.

Intended for "grouping" multiple checkpoints in a sharded checkpoint setup.

If delete_old_dirs is true, attempts to delete recursively the dirname of each path in the input checkpoint_prefixes. This is useful when those paths are non user-facing temporary locations.


  • checkpoint_prefixes: A Tensor of type string. prefixes of V2 checkpoints to merge.
  • destination_prefix: A Tensor of type string. scalar. The desired final prefix. Allowed to be the same as one of the checkpoint_prefixes.
  • delete_old_dirs: An optional bool. Defaults to True. see above.
  • name: A name for the operation (optional).


The created Operation.