returns f(inputs), where f's body is placed and partitioned.

    args, Tout, f, config='', config_proto='', executor_type='', name=None


  • args: A list of Tensor objects. A list of input tensors.
  • Tout: A list of tf.DTypes. A list of output types.
  • f: A function decorated with @Defun. A function that takes 'args', a list of tensors, and returns 'output', another list of tensors. Input and output types are specified by 'Tin' and 'Tout'. The function body of f will be placed and partitioned across devices, setting this op apart from the regular Call op.
  • config: An optional string. Defaults to "".
  • config_proto: An optional string. Defaults to "".
  • executor_type: An optional string. Defaults to "".
  • name: A name for the operation (optional).


A list of Tensor objects of type Tout.