Retrieve Adagrad embedding parameters with debug support.

    num_shards, shard_id, table_id=-1, table_name='', config='', name=None

An op that retrieves optimization parameters from embedding to host memory. Must be preceded by a ConfigureTPUEmbeddingHost op that sets up the correct embedding table configuration. For example, this op is used to retrieve updated parameters before saving a checkpoint.


  • num_shards: An int.
  • shard_id: An int.
  • table_id: An optional int that is >= -1. Defaults to -1.
  • table_name: An optional string. Defaults to "".
  • config: An optional string. Defaults to "".
  • name: A name for the operation (optional).


A tuple of Tensor objects (parameters, accumulators, gradient_accumulators).

  • parameters: A Tensor of type float32.
  • accumulators: A Tensor of type float32.
  • gradient_accumulators: A Tensor of type float32.