Computes the eigen decomposition of one or more square matrices.

Computes the eigenvalues and (optionally) right eigenvectors of each inner matrix in input such that input[..., :, :] = v[..., :, :] * diag(e[..., :]). The eigenvalues are sorted in non-decreasing order.

# a is a tensor.
# e is a tensor of eigenvalues.
# v is a tensor of eigenvectors.
e, v = eig(a)
e = eig(a, compute_v=False)

input A Tensor. Must be one of the following types: float32, float64, complex64, complex128. Tensor input of shape [N, N].
Tout A tf.DType from: tf.complex64, tf.complex128.
compute_v An optional bool. Defaults to True. If True then eigenvectors will be computed and returned in v. Otherwise, only the eigenvalues will be computed.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A tuple of Tensor objects (e, v).
e A Tensor of type Tout.
v A Tensor of type Tout.